is a simple presentation tool


use git to install the newest version

git clone
cd prez
sudo make install


Use a tilde (~) and a single lettter command to set text attributes. After writing text, use the same letter, but uppercase to terminate it.

command description usage example
p paragraph ~pThis is a paragraph!~P
h header ~hThis is a header!~H
b bold ~bThis text is bold!~B
c cursive ~cThis text is cursive!~C
i image ~i/path/to/image.png~I
|\n code block ~|\n/*This is a code block*/~|
- next slide ~-


Configuration file is stored in ~/.config/prez/prez.cfg


option (tab) value

Configuration options:

option value description
padding integer sets padding for text
header_height sets height of the header (read Handlers section)
code_tabsz sets \t size for default code block handler (read Handlers section)
image_handler prez or program -args sets image handler (read Handlers section)
header_handler sets header handler (read Handlers section)
code_handler sets code block handler (read Handlers section)
code_tmp_fname /tmp/filename sets location for temporary code block files


prez with imcat as handler
prez showing a paragraph

Read more, and get it here.