upup is a tiny and minimal markup language.


upup uses markdown-like marks to set text attributes. every mark (except the code one) is automatically closed on newline.

'+' creates a header
example: "+i'm a header"

'*' makes text bold
example: "i like *minecraft*" or "i like *minecraft"

'-' crosses text out
example: "-added feature- \- removed in v8"

'_' makes text italic
example: "i like _eggs_" or "i like _eggs"

'^' puts a horizontal rule
example: "^"

'~' is needed before a code block (this one MUST be closed)
example: "i like C. just love the ~typedef int bool;~"

'{' and '}' is for putting images
example: "hi! it's me! {https://krzysckh.org/me.jpg}"

'&' and '[' and ']' is for links. you put the link after '&' sign, and text, that is gonna link this link (lol) between '[' and ']'
example: "man i love cooking. my favourite website for that is &https://based.cooking[here]"

if '\' character is before any char (including newline), it won't get interpreted

converting upup

upup can be easily converted to html, markdown and groff mom using upup.